About us

We, at Zahra prepare home cooked Iftaar for you. It is delicious, healthy and hygienic; just the way you like it!
Free on time home delivery.
A part of the profit made goes to build and run Educational Centres for children in need.



Where It All Started

While pursuing our graduation we used to live in hostels and provide free home tuitions to around  40 underprivileged children for free after our classes in the evening, since the last four years . In the month of every Ramadan we always faced two problems-
1.The parents of our students never had proper Iftaar in the evening after having fasted all day long.
2. Just like us, all the students and people living in hostels, Pg’s and rented apartments couldn’t find a good source which would provide them with good quality Iftaar at a nominal price.


Who we are

So, we decided to take it upon ourselves in the May of 2017! We are TEAM ZAHRA, students of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Having faced the crisis ourselves, for the initial two years, we were in to solve these two problems. In the May of 2017, we formed a team of friends and started an Iftaar Food Packet delivery service by the name Zahra, which means ‘Beautiful’. All the while we also attended the final semester exams of our graduation from Jamia Millia Islamia.

The Idea

So, we thought to use all our pocket money in preparing Iftaar at our homes and get them delivered for free to the underprivileged families. But, being students with very limited pocket money we lacked resources and money. So, the idea to start an Iftaar DELIVERY SERVICE for the students living in hostels, Pg’s and rented apartments striked us.  AND THE PROCEEDS WERE DECIDED TO BE USED FOR PREPARING IFTAAR IN BULK AND DELIVERING TO THE UNDERPRIVILEGED PEOPLE FOR FREE. And hence, both the above-mentioned problems were solved to an extent.


Our Commitment

The beautiful platform was built on the principles of love, care, share and service. While all our peers choose to indulge themselves either in their exam preparations or just stay at the comfort of their homes in the scorching summer of Delhi and afterwards enjoy their vacations, we two decided to stay in Delhi and follow our mission statement- Let’s Serve!


The Let’s Serve Phenomena

The most remarkable phenomena was the fact that people from all over India started ordering the Iftaar packets and asked us to deliver it on their behalf in the slums of Okhla, New Delhi. And that was the Game changer. And we ended up delivering 2000+ Iftaar Packets in one month at the comfort of their homes, pg’s, hostels and offices. And we had a big, amazing and satisfied customer base, happy with our service. People from all walks of life ordered from us daily and that has motivated us to serve you even better this year.

Setting up the Educational Centre

➢ A large chunk of the proceeds of the initiative went into establishing Zahra Educational Centre-I at Nafees Road, Batla House, New Delhi.
➢ Some 250+ underprivileged children are enrolled in it and the classes run from 7 pm to 11 pm in the evening.
➢ Batches of students from class 1st to class 10th have been divided and are being run efficiently by well qualified teachers.
➢ Various events are also organized from time to time to keep up the morale of the students to keep them at par with the students of private school.